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Poetry Sharing With Streams

Written by Awaaz.De on September 10, 2012

One reason why Streams are so powerful is they not only help organizations communicate more effectively and efficiently, but they also let normal individuals like you and I connect and interact with our social circles. Navnit is a poet and an early adopter of Streams. Navnit manages his own...
Anganwadi Stream

Written by Awaaz.De on August 30, 2012

Neetaben is an Anganwadi (pre-school) program coordinator at Manav Sadnha. One of her struggles is communicating with the 80+ Anganwadi teachers she manages, who work in different slums across Ahmedabad. These ladies mostly have no email addresses, speak Gujarati, and have limited experience with SMS. Typically, Neetaben would dispatch written circulares (telegrams)...