Customer Service Assistant

Leverage latest large language model (LLM) and speech tech for vernacular conversational AI to automate core customer service and delight the customer

Awaaz.De’s customer service assistant provides a fully automated, 24×7 point of contact with your customers where they can access personalized information, transact quickly and easily, make routine service requests, and express interest in qualified products and services. Reduce operational costs and automate routine activities like providing payment history or updating customer details, and grow business by sourcing qualified leads for product and service offerings. Deliver a pure voice interactive experience through WhatsApp or IVR (telephone).

Meaningfully engage customers through multiple channels including WhatsApp, SMS, Web, and IVR with personalized, localized content and increase brand loyalty and customer retention.


  • View balance and transaction history
  • Make a payment
  • Check next payment amount/due date
  • Negotiate partial payment, one-time settlement, promise to pay time window


  • Apply for a loan
  • Report an issue


  • Cross-sell
  • Financial literacy content