Rich Insights derived from robust analytics to better serve and monetize your customers

With Awaaz.De’s state of the art analytics solution, convert our unique omnichannel borrower mobile behaviour and repayment data stream into meaningful data-driven insights for identifying opportunities to better serve and monetize your customers.

Monitor and drill-down contactability and collections analytics to branch level, generate branch-specific smart demand lists to optimize field collections, and reduce DPD, segment and score customers for personalized marketing campaigns, and compare performance regionally and nationally to industry benchmarks.





Data Quality


Contactability and Collections

  • Drill down and download customer engagement metrics (reached rate, listen rate, and other parameters) aggregated by region to branch level; filter by these parameters
  • Identify high and low contactability by branch to incentivize and optimize field operations
  • Correlate contactability with collections efficiency (on time repayment, PAR, DPD)
  • Compare customer engagement and collections with industry benchmarks

Smart Demand List

  • Optimize collections by generating branch-wise lists of customers to target for collections or phone number refresh based on mobile behavior
  • Correlate payment discipline with mobile engagement to monitor business impact by use case
  • Integrate call center and field staff interactions with mobile engagement data to provide a unified view of customer engagement across online and offline

Data Quality Analytics

  • Early warning of ring leader, agent misbehavior, and other frauds
  • Identify causes for low contactability and how to rectify at branch level
  • Red-flag analysis for phone number duplicacy

Customer Segmentation and Credit Scoring

  • Track growth of accounts and GLP over time, bucketed by configurable customer segments
  • Export customer lists drilled down from region to branch by customer engagement and segment for targeted and personalized marketing campaigns
  • Configurable credit scoring, LTV, marketing profile, and product recommendation models for predictive credit assessment and upsell