I am improving year after year

Written by Awaaz.De on January 24, 2012

Our user stories series continues with this one from Avaaj Otalo user Narshibhai. Narshibhai farms six acres in the village of Limbav, Banaskantha district. He’s currently growing winter crops: wheat (ghau), castor (divela), sorghum (gowar), and millet (bajra). He has been using Avaaj Otalo since 2008. Hear Narshibahi talk...
Avaaj Otalo Is The Only One

Written by Awaaz.De on December 26, 2011

A great testimonial from a farmer recently on Avaaj Otalo’s ‘Margdharshan’ broadcast service. Roughly three times a week, over three thousand farmers get a phone call with a fresh message from DSC with information on dealing with the problems most facing farmers on that particular time of the growing...
Farmer responds to answer from Avaaj Otalo

Written by Awaaz.De on April 7, 2011

Yesterday, a farmer responded to the answer he received from DSC’s Avaaj Otalo service; an example of the kind of back-and-forth dialogue that Awaaz.De intends to facilitate. See the translated quote below (translation by our own Tapan Parikh). We love hearing this! Big ups to Avaaj Otalo. I will...