How an HFC is driving business growth through continuous customer connect

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    In 2017, Awaaz.De spoke to Khush’s MD, Amit  Magia and Director, Shekhar Ghotgalkar about  how they can make their operations more  efficient. Their customers were from the  economically weaker sections of Tier-II, Tier-III  cities in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan  which is why Shekhar felt that their current  efforts to send reminder for EMI payment over  SMS was unsuccessful. Their customers com-  prised of bike mechanics, local tailors, vegeta-  ble vendors and very small kirana shop owners  who were unable to read or understand the SMS  sent by Khush.

    They also has a tele-calling team but were un-  able to contact all their customers because  of the cost of hiring multiple executives for  Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi. Shekhar strongly  believed that to run a sustainable business in  the long run, Khush needs to have a constant  connect with their customers over the life cycle  of the loan.

    Awaaz.De’s cost is ‘90% less  than telecalling’


    Awaaz.De’s recommendation was for Khush to use the powerful medium of voice to connect with all their customers. The solution of sending automated ‘EMI Reminder and Wel-  come Calls’ in the vernacular language combined the benefits and eliminated the problems of both tele-calling (voice-driven but very ex-  pensive) and SMS (inexpensive, standardized but ineffective with micro-housing customers).

    Khush integrated Awaaz.De into their strategy of business growth driven by enhanced customer experience and customer connect.



    avg. call pickup rate

    39 seconds

    avg. call connection duration


    listen rate

    How the technology works

    Step - 1

    Borrower gives cash to the loan officer

    Step - 2

    Loan officer enters payment details to the tab

    Step - 3

    Data gets registered in MIS

    Step - 4

    MIS calls Awaaz.De's API

    Step - 5

    Awaaz.De sends call with unique details to the borrower in local language

    EMI Reminder

    Dear Customer, Greetings for the day from  Khush Housing Finance! Your EMI amount of Rs <5,233> would be due on <5th> day of every month. Please ensure there are enough funds in your savings account.

    If you wish to speak with our customer care executive, please press 5.

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