A Social Voice Messaging Platform

Awaaz.De Streams utilizes interactive voice response systems (IVR), SMS, and the web to create seamless voice messaging groups connected over mobile phones. You and your groups use Streams to create, disseminate and browse voice messages.

Create Your Group and Send Messages

You begin by creating a group and adding members to it. You then upload your voice message to Awaaz.De, or record on the fly via your phone. Your group accesses your message through incoming phone calls or by calling into your dedicated voice message group phone number to listen and reply. Others can request to join your group by calling the number and sending you a join request.

Interact With Your Group

Streams allow two-way communication between you and your group.  Members can record responses to your voice message broadcasts, enter touch-tone inputs, or can call into your dedicated voice message group phone number to give their voice.

Manage Over the Web

Awaaz.De’s web interface allows you to manage your voice groups. Just log into your account online to schedule broadcasts, listen to community member responses, manage group membership, upload a custom greeting message, and more. Setting up an account is completely free, and takes seconds.

Enterprise Voice Applications

Awaaz.De provides consulting services to clients to set up customized solutions using Awaaz.De’s technology.  Clients can use their custom voice applications for a variety of purposes such providing question-and-answer services over the phone, providing banking services, and for educational purposes such as training to distributed, hard-to-reach groups.

Awaaz.De technology can also be configured to be a data gathering tool utilizing spoken voice surveys.  Clients can efficiently collect personal information, numerical/transactional data, opinions, questions, experiences, and ratings using these voice surveys.

Clients needing such services should contact us directly at info@awaaz.de