We are pleased to introduce Awaaz.De’s new search interface for Forums users. Login to your Awaaz.De web account and type in a few keywords. Search will return all the voice messages matching your query. Narrow the search by filtering by forum, date, tags, status, and author details: name, number, district, taluka and village.

You will find a search box and button at the top of the console. Enter details about a message like the author’s name, number, or location. Click on Advance Search to display other filter criteria such as forum, date, and tags.



Along with your search results, various filter criteria will display in the left panel. Select different filters and then press search at the bottom of the panel to refresh your results. “Status” and “Search By” let you choose different combinations of filters. For example, you can filter for approved responses by selecting “Approved” and “Responses”.  Note that by default, original messages and responses are displayed together in search results. The “Search By” criteria will apply the keywords in your search against only the selected categories. So for example, if you only wanted messages that have “Anand” entered for district, you can select “District” in “Search By”. That would eliminate messages that had “Anand” in the name of the message’s author.

The keyword search will return results for partial words. For example, if you searched “958655”, the results will display all messages with phone numbers that start with those six digits.

Below the search results, you will see the message’s details displayed. Just like from the main Forums panel, you can modify information here and hit “Save”. Doing so will take you back to that message in its folder location in the Forums panel.

Currently, there is a time lag to update the search index. New messages and changes to information for existing messages will not immediately be reflected in the search results. The time lag is roughly one hour, meaning after an hour you will see newly posted messages or your changes to message information reflected in the search.

Streams users: don’t feel left out! We are working on releasing search functionality for Streams soon.

We hope search will drive discovery and help find your voice.

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