Farmers can interact with educators from KVK-Kheda to listen to information and share their feedback.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) aims to strengthen the agricultural sector by providing farmers access to innovative technologies and agricultural education through vocational training programs led by scientists and agricultural experts.  An initiative directed by the Indian council of Agricultural Research to demonstrate the application of science and technology through agricultural research and education for farmers, KVK-Kheda (Gujarat) partnered with Awaaz.De to create an information exchange platform between sector experts and farmers.

 “Streams gives us a simple medium to work collaboratively with scientists, subject matter experts, extension workers and farmers by connecting ideas and lessons through voice messaging” says Dr. P K Sharma, Director of KVK-Kheda.

Awaaz.De’s interactive voice broadcasts allow KVK-Kheda’s agriculture scientists and experts to send customized information based on the needs of farmers across the district. Voice messages on crop production, horticulture, livestock, and plant protection are distributed to farmers via Streams in local language. This allows the farmers to not only listen to the advice in a timely and convenient way, but also allows them to respond to the Stream with questions and feedback creating a hub of information exchange for thousands of farmers in the Kheda district.

For example, KVK Kheda recently used Streams to invite farmers to an agricultural fair:

Some farmers called into the Stream later to share some feedback about the fair, like this one:

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