As the Gujarat government has started preparations to battle “Nilofer” cyclone which is claimed to be the strongest tropical cyclone in the Arabian Sea since Phet in 2010 and is likely to make landfall in northwest India or Pakistan later this week, the district authorities are also monitoring the situation and have been advised to keep their control rooms operating.       

In an effort to help people stay alert of the crisis situation many non-profit organizations have been volunteering for help and sending out messages to local people. Awaaz de with its history of association with several nonprofit organizations and a strong line of work for disaster management have played a critical role in helping send out information and security alerts to the people of Saurashtra and coastal areas to stay alert from the upcoming cyclone.

Awaaz De’s voice messaging platform has been used by organizations like Adani Foundation, Kutch to send alert messages to villagers in coastal areas. Thousands of these voice messages have been sent out in last couple of days and have proved very critical in communicating the upcoming situation to the local people. These messages contain information about weather conditions and safety tips. People across coastal areas are asked to stay alert and move their valuables to a safer place. As the weather gets uncertain, people are asked to stay inside their houses.

Awaaz De will continue to provide unconditional support to organizations and individuals who come together in unsought situations like these.


Photo source: accuweather-dot-com,


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