A great testimonial from a farmer recently on Avaaj Otalo’s ‘Margdharshan’ broadcast service. Roughly three times a week, over three thousand farmers get a phone call with a fresh message from DSC with information on dealing with the problems most facing farmers on that particular time of the growing season. They also can hear relevant agricultural news, event announcements, weather forecasts, market information, new government schemes, and more. Think of it as a podcast-over-the phone service produced and published by DSC. Here a farmer sounds off on what the information means to him:

Today’s [broadcast] message was wonderful. I am a cotton farmer. Today’s cotton problem that was presented regarding red leaf disease; the solution was very nicely provided by Avaaj Otalo. This was extremely useful information that was received through AO. In my estimation, there is no other online service like Avaaj Otalo for providing information to Gujarat farmers. And especially information that reaches directly to farmers. Avaaj Otalo is the only one. This is really great, and please continue to provide the service so that farmers can continue to improve and benefit. That’s all.



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