Babubhai Keraliya is one of Avaaj Otalo‘s early adopters. He farms 20 acres in Rajkot district in Gujarat, and farms cotton, castor, groundnut, cumin, and more. He is an advanced farmer, but as he shares in this interview, has improved his farming practices through using AO.

Babubhai explains how he used to rely on practices taught to him by his father, which were taught to him by his father’s father. This is the typical case for most farmers across India. But Babubhai found that over time the practices were dated; increasing costs, and falling productivity. AO provided him a window into new ways of saving costs. In particular, using drip irrigation, which he learned about through AO, has greatly improved his operations, having success in his sesame and groundnut crops and more than doubling his cotton productivity!

Babubhai is also a power user of AO. In the past he has suggested advanced features like a way to go directly to a particular message by entering a message ID code. In this interview, he suggests better ways to search for content based on crop. Babubhai, we are working on it!

Note: Interview posted with permission from Babubhai

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