The most effective way to collect data from the field

Awaaz.De Voice Surveys have enabled rich data collection over phone calls
from over 150,000 respondents worldwide.

Connecting 400000+ people through 6 million+ phone calls...


Works on any phone

Reach users via simple voice phone calls and collect voice and numeric data

Collect rich data

Define questions as multiple choice, numeric or voice

Missed call options

Send surveys as phone calls or ask respondents to place a missed call to receive their survey calls

Advanced research features

Make data more robust- Compare samples, run randomization of content or define conditional logic between questions. All survey data is stored securely on the cloud and available for download

Why Use Surveys?

Create a group

Quality Assessment

How good was service delivery? Is your product as effective as you hoped? Use Voice Surveys to painlessly ping customers anywhere

Send a message

Project Monitoring

Take feedback from stakeholders and staff on programme implementation, results and community audits of work performed


Academic Research

Awaaz.De Voice Surveys is based on years of field research and used by social scientists in over 7 countries.


Enterprise Survey Console

Set up your very own survey console and dedicated phone line which you can use to quickly and easily design and implement effective IVR Surveys. Collect responses through numeric or voice input, and access all of the data in real-time through our online dashboard. Our dedicated phone lines will give you the flexibility you need for better response rates than any other provider- they function both for inbound (missed-call) and outbound calls.

  • Rs. 55,000 Set up
  • Rs. 1.5/min

Add Ons

Documentation & Reporting

Get finished reports for your research with data visualation & brief analysis                                                      

Design & Content

Consult our experts to design effective voice surveys and produce voice content                           

Customized Solutions

Data collection, analysis & visualization with online/offline capabilities through mobile or web based app