96% Indian kids are in schools. 90% Indian teachers failed the Teacher Eligibility Test.

If we want to be a nation of engineers, doctors, scientists, artists, researchers, we need to get the basics right.  The good news is that we know what needs to change- teacher quality. The bad news, however, is that not enough is being done about it. It would be wrong to say that only 10% teachers are qualified or motivated to teach. Research shows that 60% of Indian teachers are on the fence; this means that if they are provided with the right resources and training, we can fill the quality gap.

Awaaz.De, using its voice platform, is doing it by giving teachers in remote areas, access to great teaching ideas.

Teacher Podcasts is platform for sharing best practices among teachers by integrating with a web-based platform. On the phone, a master teacher hosts a subject and grade specific phone line to which teachers from APSs subscribe, and get bi-weekly updates with creative teaching ideas. They are encouraged to respond, and an administrator posts the best new advice to the web blog, as well as the phone line. Questions are responded within a few days, using a voice mailbox and voice response call outs. Voice inputs from teachers are considered when creating new content.

Value Proposition: Resource sharing among teachers leading to creative, engaging and high-impact lessons in classroom

Listen to a master teacher sharing her thoughts about teaching fractions to third graders:

Teachers, parents, school leaders, NGOs, educators- do get in touch if you want to subscribe to our podcasts or if you can connect us to a master teacher !

Teachers build nations- let’s help them do it.

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