One reason why Streams are so powerful is they not only help organizations communicate more effectively and efficiently, but they also let normal individuals like you and I connect and interact with our social circles.

Navnit is a poet and an early adopter of Streams. Navnit manages his own blog where he writes poems and gets connected to his friends and other like-minded people. Navnit has taken this interaction to a new level using Streams.  Logging into his account, he created a group called “Melodious Chaupal” where he broadcasts recordings of his newest poems to his friends and followers and receives their feedback.

Through the medium of voice, Navnit is able to add another dimension of expression to his poems by being able to read them out loud with proper intonation and emphasis and also includes background music for added effect.

Says Navnit, “Awaaz.De has provided a wonderful platform for people like me who are not celebrities, but love poetry. It helps us to connect with like minded people. Nowadays there aren’t many kavi sammelans (poet conference) being organized. Also, everyone does not have Internet access. So it’s somewhat difficult for us to stay connected with each other. Awaaz.De has made it possible as it only requires a mobile phone to listen other’s voice content. We can record our poems, send it to our friends and followers and also receive their valuable feedback for further improvement.”

Here’s one of Navnit’s recent Stream posts.

To hear all of his poems and join his Stream to get future posts (India-only), call Stream number: 079 6160 8332.

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