Earlier this year, The Economic Times hosted its annual Power of Ideas event at IIM-Ahemdabad. Power of Ideas (POI) is India’s largest entrepreneurship development program. It seeks to create a culture of innovation in the country by encouraging individuals with a business idea and connecting them with relevant mentors and investors.

Awaaz.De helped the POI organizers set up a 7,000-person Stream to send participants announcements related to the program’s application in the run-up to the deadline. Later, during the 10-day entrepreneurial workshop, POI organizers broadcasted timely announcements and directed people to important events with recorded voice messages that attendees got through phone calls.

Here is what Gayatri Astha, POI event coordinator from IIM-A’s CIIE, had to say:

One of the biggest pitfalls to organizing events is improper or ineffective communication channels. Awaaz.De solved this problem for us. During the Power of Ideas 2012, India’s biggest entrepreneurship promotion program, we were dealing with 14,000+ participants. Awaaz.De was the fastest and easiest way to get the word out regarding any important information and dates. Possibly even better than email! Using phone calls was especially beneficial for last minute changes in the agenda and venue.

In my experience, Awaaz.De is a God sent! I highly recommend it for planning events.

Streams is an end-to-end solution for managing event communications:

  • Pre-event promotion, voice invitations, registration-related announcements, and RSVP collection
  • During event reminders and time-and-place announcements
  • Post-event feedback collection, personalized thank-you messages

If you are an event coordinator and could use Streams for your next event, get in touch with us!

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